Helpful Janitorial and Maintenance Equipment for You

The use of portable work lights for janitorial and maintenance equipment is popular in many companies as well as small business. Did you wonder how this portable lighting system works? This portable lighting system has an outer shell that connects to the lens for protection. When you look inside the outer shell it has a … Read more

Electric-Powered Pressure Washer and Sprayer Handles the Toughest Cleaning Job

Pressure washer and sprayer can also be electric-powered; it has a 35” power cord which you can plug into 120V power source.  It is ideal for cleaning the toughest dirt for it can produce 1500 to 4000 psi pressure. MI-T-M manufactures the best selling high-quality electric-powered pressure washer and sprayer in the market. MI-T-M offers … Read more

Gas-Powered Pressure Washer and Sprayer for the Most Stubborn Dirt

For the most stubborn dirt, you can always count on a gas-powered pressure washer and sprayer. This type of sprayer and washer uses motor pump which uses gasoline for power. The best selling gas-powered pressure washer and sprayers are manufactured by MI-T-M. MI-T-M offers gas-powered pressure washers and sprayers that are perfect for commercial and … Read more

Spray Guns for Pressure Washer and Sprayer

Most pressure washer and sprayer features interchangeable nozzles which are usually made with premium grade materials to avoid rush and unwanted holes. You can also use spray guns in exchange for these ordinary nozzles, so that you can use it for more intense cleaning requirements. GUARDAIR produces the best spray guns in the market. It … Read more

Pressure Washer and Sprayer Helps Cut Cleaning Time

Pressure washer and sprayer are mechanical tools that use high-pressure to clean dirty surfaces like concrete, wood and roofing materials. These tools can produce pressure that measures 150 to 4,000 psi and more. These tools are ideal for home-use and even on different commercial and industrial businesses that require intense cleaning power. There are different … Read more

Winter is Coming! Protect Your Floors From Slips and Trips!

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are starting to turn. Our mornings are getting cooler and cooler. You wake up at the same time to prepare for another work day and it’s darker and darker out. Yes, mother nature is dragging us back towards winter yet again. Snow and ice are right around … Read more