Hoists and Balancers Purpose

hoists and balancersHoists and balancers are attachments for bridge cranes and other material handling equipment that are used to lift heavy loads. Relatively simple in design, they provide stability and increased mobility and come in a wide range of capacities and can be used for a variety of purposes.

A hoist consists of a power source, a drive mechanism that turns a lift wheel or sprocket, and a length of chain or wire rope, known as the lift media. When power is supplied to the hoist, the drive mechanism turns the sprocket, which retrieves or extends the lift media. This, then, raises or lowers the payload. In most cases, the up and down functions are controlled by a hand-held pendant with buttons or levels for each direction.

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Outsourcing Your Cold Storage Could Save You Money, Time

If your warehouse or manufacturing facility handles products that need to be held in sub-freezing temperatures, you probably are already familiar with the challenges that presents. Employees are required to work in severe conditions. Costs for power to constantly maintain temperature are already high and are always escalating. And the regulatory oversight involved with holding products below freezing can be a … Read more

Reusable Plastic Containers Can Help the Environment

Reusable Plastic  ContainersUsing Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) instead of corrugated boxes can result in substantial environmental benefits for manufacturers, according to a new study released last month by an industry organization specializing in measuring environmental impact.

RPCs are plastic boxes that can be used over and over again to ship fresh produce, perishables such as seafood, and other products. Franklin Associates — a leading consulting company specializing on life cycle analyses and solid waste management — was commissioned by IFCO, a manufacture or RPCs, to consider the environmental benefits of their use. The report was issued June 18.

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Mobile Robots Make Warehouse Ops Cheaper and More Efficient

mobile robots for warehousesMobile robots have been used in manufacturing for decades, but thanks to their shrinking costs and the needs for businesses to increase efficiencies and lower expenses, they are starting to appear more frequently in warehouse and distribution applications.

Corey Ryan, medical account manager for KUKA Robotics, based in Shelby Township, Michigan, said that in recent years robots have been showing up in more and more businesses, not just manufacturing.

“We increased interest in mobile robotics across all industries,” Ryan told the website Robotics Online. “The ability of one mobile robot to service several locations and perform a greatly expanded  range of task offers a great appeal for specialized applications.”

Giant Eagle Uses Robots to Cut Warehouse Costs

One success story is Pittsburgh-based Giant Eagle, a leading supermarket chain that operates in four Eastern states. The company currently is using pallet-handling mobile robots in its 440,000-square-foot food  distribution center outside of Pittsburgh. Four double pallet robots, which resemble driver-less forklift truck, handle much of the facility’s putaway operations. Another four mobile robots are being used at a Giant Eagle distribution center in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Outdoor Canopies Can Improve Your Business’ Visibility

If you are looking for a fast, affordable and effective way to increase your business’ visibility, you might consider an outdoor canopy. During the warmer months, people are outside and on the go more often. So setting up an outdoor canopy either in front of your business or in another high-traffic location can be an … Read more

Benefits of Modular Workstations

benefits of modular workstationsFor many companies that are expanding rapidly or have limited office space, modular workstations are an effective and affordable solution.

Modular workstations, or cubicles, are prefabricated desks that come attached to short walls that are usually covered in attractive fabric or other professional-looking material. They are used by many businesses today because of their versatility and their efficient use of space. Modular workspaces allow the flexibility to modify office layout almost instantly, without having to tear down or build up new walls or perform other expensive renovations.

Cubicles can be broken down, moved and set back up in just a few minutes using a minimal amount of tools and labor. You won’t need to hire construction workers or even outside workers to change the setup of your office. Some cubicles even snap together.

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How to Reduce Your Shipping Costs

Thanks to the rise in E-Commerce, most companies today are shipping their products to their clients or customers more often than ever before. But this added convenience for the end user often means additional expenses for vendors, which usually are passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices or additional charges. Yet some companies … Read more