Part 2 – The New Way to Buy Warehouse Supplies

Every day it’s another challenge. Safety glasses always seem to disappear and need replacing regularly. It’s imperative that they are always available, not only for the safety of the employees, but for legal reasons, too.

Those things bring to mind the fact that it’s time to check on the hard hats and disposable aprons. In fact, you’d better take a full inventory of all your safety equipment, including fire extinguishers, eye wash cabinets and first aid kit.

Warehouse Supplies
Warehouse Supplies

At the end of the day, just when you thought everything was taken care of, your janitor comes in and announces that your janitorial equipment needs updating. He can’t do his job efficiently anymore, now that the business has grown. You need more waste receptacles, mops and brooms. You promise to look into it the next day.

Just keeping up with the list of everyday warehouse supplies the average warehouse needs could be a fulltime job. In the past, all of those different essential items, from safety equipment to office furniture to packaging supplies had to come from several different suppliers and it was a nightmare trying to coordinate and keep track of all the orders.

We live in a different era now that we have the internet, though. Instead of having to research suppliers, call reps and place several different orders, we can just take our tick list of essential supplies, go online and order everything from one source. What used to take hours can be done in minutes and when the order is placed, you know that everything you need to keep your warehouse running smoothly will be delivered at the same time. The internet is the new, efficient way to buy warehouse supplies.