So… You Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Workbenches, Eh?

Are you in your shop or garage right now taking a break after a long day? If not, humor me. Grab your laptop or print this out and head to your shop. It’s perfectly fine. I have all day. I’ll wait for you. Not a problem.

Okay, so now you are in the shop. Take a deep breath. Look around and answer a few questions not just for me, but for yourself.

Workbenches get your shop in order!

Do you have a tool box that is in order and organized or is the top open with a pile of tools intertwined and mounded up resembling a greasy version of a pirate’s treasure chest? No, don’t bother looking for the ‘X’ on the floor.

Are there parts on top of chairs, stools, or crates that you are still working on?

Let’s talk about the stools or chairs. Have any extra unoccupied by parts or tools that you can actually rest on ?

How’s the floor? If the lights were out in the shop could you make it to the other side without stepping in a bucket of oil, grease, or some other form of nasty liquid? Would you rack your knee or shin on some part or piece of machinery temporarily resting next to one of the many work areas? Oh, and what about cords? Would you end up flat on your face after tripping over the little orange monster plugged into an outlet somewhere across all the mess?

Let’s get down to nuts and bolts. No. Seriously. I’m really talking nuts and bolts here. Your little parts. The small things. Because contrary to popular belief, in the shop, you need to sweat the small things. It’s what keeps all the big things together. Are they in coffee cans or jars? Do you have to reach into a container to find what you are looking for, like some sort of sick parts grab bag, hoping to avoid getting stuck in the finger by a buried miscellaneous sharp object?

Okay, now look up to the ceiling. Feel a pop or stretch like an over extended rubber band? That would be the noise of your back and neck.  All those hours hunched over while working is taking it’s toll on you my friend.

Well, if you’ve answered yes to many of these questions then your shop is in dire need of a workbench or even workbenches.

Save the piling of tools and clean the parts off the stools. It’ll clear the way to rest your butt and stop you from stepping in something that goes “splut”. Prevent the tripping and landing on your face as well as the bleeding before the cut or puncture takes place. It will equally prevent strain to the back or neck and make a more productive day so you can cash a bigger check!

Buy workbenches or workstations from With so many to choose from we know that you’ll find a few that fit your shop. Your tools, butt, foot, face, finger, back, neck, and bank account can thank us later.