Part 1 – The New Way to Buy Warehouse Supplies

Ask anyone in the warehousing industry what their biggest daily headache is and they will probably all agree that buying warehouse supplies is close to the top of their list. That’s because there are so many essential supplies and if you run out of any one of them, it’s like falling dominoes – the whole chain of work is interrupted.

Warehouse Supplies
Warehouse Supplies

What do you think of when you think of warehouse supplies? If you’re an outsider to the industry, you probably think of the big things – the pallet racks, forklifts and other large storage systems and equipment needed store and move stock. If you’re the one in charge of keeping inventory in the warehouse, though, it’s probably all the little things that weigh on your mind.

One day you might be informed by someone on the staff that you’re dangerously low on 24 inch cardboard boxes. Just to be sure you don’t have to order other sizes as well, you check on your entire range of a couple of dozen other sizes of boxes. Then you have to think about your packing lists, your stocks of bubble cushioning and your tape supplies.

Back in the office, while you’re placing an order for the half dozen packaging supplies you discovered you urgently need, your boss asks you to buy some new chair mats, because the hardwood floors are being eaten up by the office chairs. That involves placing an order from another supplier.