A Way To Handle Excess Inventory

Warehouse inventory managers are well aware of excessive inventory issues. Someone was too excited over the prospect of selling a particular product so he or she ended up ordering too many of them. Although there may be more reasons for excessive inventory, whatever the reasons the inventory manager needs to come up with ways to … Read more

Part II – Finding More Space When Expansion Isn’t an Option

In the first installment of Finding More Space When Expansion Isn’t an Option, I discussed what causes space issues in the first place. Here I will cover what you can do to alleviate the problem. Three things can alleviate space limitations in a warehouse. They include: 1.     Creating storage areas outside the warehouse 2.     Redesign … Read more

Finding More Space When Expansion Isn’t an Option

There is only a certain amount of space in a confined building. If that building is a warehouse, then what can a warehouse manager do when he finds himself in need of more space to accommodate more products? It is common for any size warehouse to experience space issues. These problems arise due to rapid … Read more

Blocked Exits and Overcrowded Storerooms Add Up to Big Trouble for Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree discount store chain has agreed to adhere to a strict set of rules and pay more $825,000 in fines after a federal agency found multiple safety violations at its stores, including blocked emergency exits, obstructed access to exit routes and electrical equipment, and improper material storage. The US Occupational Safety and Health … Read more

Inventory That Should be in Warehouses

  There are businesses who can stock a lot of inventory on site and then there are businesses that need to rely on a warehouse for back up. The question begs to be asked. What type of inventory is warehouse inventory? Warehouse managers who have knowledge in inventory management say that raw material; maintenance, repair … Read more

How to Organize Any Work Space with Shelving

Entropy is a concept that says the universe prefers chaos to order. If you’ve ever tried to organize a workshop, garage, or storage closet, you probably are already familiar with this theory. But any workspace can be quickly and conveniently organized with the addition of a few shelving units. Shelves provide a simple solution to … Read more

Carton board pallets and crates-a greener approach that saves green

Carton board is 40-year-old logistics solution that is the future of now. It’s another Scandinavian obscurity that makes perfect sense on a “normal” level. It’s time to learn more. A greener approach to packing goods How many times have you seen wooden packing crates go into the dumpster?  Almost all of them could be re-used-they … Read more

Outside Storage Solutions to Increase Profits

When it comes to running a business profitably, every penny counts. Every square foot of interior work space needs to add to the bottom line. Paying to keep inventory or supplies in a heated and maintained indoor facility may not be the most cost effective use of your resources. Moving materials such as lumber, inventory, … Read more