Hiring Forklift Drivers – Part II: Sourcing, Interviewing, and training Candidates

In my first installment of Hiring Forklift Drivers – Part I: Targeting the Right Candidate, I discussed the process of targeting applicants such as identifying and seeking applications from experienced, skilled forklift operators. In Part II I will discuss how you can identify possible forklift operators from a reservoir of skilled individuals who have no … Read more

Hiring Forklift Drivers – Part I: Targeting the Right Candidate

The most important, if not one of the most important jobs of a warehouse manager or human resources director is to hire forklift drivers. It is essential that people with the proper skills and appropriate experience is considered and ultimately selected for the job. The process of finding a competent forklift driver involves three elements … Read more

Toyota Unveils Big New Forklift Plant in Small Indiana Town

Toyota unveiled an expansion to its forklift manufacturing facility recently in the tiny town of Columbus, Indiana. The Japanese company invested $11 million in its Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing facility in the town of 30,000 that lies about 45 miles south of Indianapolis. The expansion adds 108,000 square feet to the plant and includes a … Read more

Rent or Buy: A Five-Step Analysis

(Editor’s Note: In today’s Thursday Feature, we look at the age old question that comes with the use of heavy equipment: Should you rent or buy?) When it comes to improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of big jobs in warehousing and manufacturing, there’s no substitute for heavy equipment such as forklifts, front end loaders, power … Read more

Virtual Reality Software Brings Forklift Training to the Digital Age

The forklift operator trainee climbs into the lift truck’s cockpit. He fastens his seat belt, turns on the ignition switch, puts the vehicle into a forward gear and immediately slams his 4-ton vehicle into a stack of pallets loaded with laptops and other expensive electronic equipment. A training disaster that costs the company tens of … Read more

Singapore Forklift Crash Offers Valuable Lessons for US Operators

Editor’s Note: In today’s Thursday Feature, we travel to exotic Singapore, where the lessons gleaned from a forklift accident can help protect drivers and pedestrians here in the US. Singapore, the Southeast Asian island city-state located just south of Malaysia, has a reputation for being strict and conservative. Something as innocent as chewing gum or … Read more

Linde Material Handling to Launch New Robotic Trucks Division

The German forklift manufacture Linde Material Handling announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with a French robotics company to begin developing a new line of robotic industrial trucks. Linde — which is headquartered in Aschaffenburg, Germany– will work with the robitics firm Balyo to build a new line of self-driving vehicles under … Read more

Forklift Crash in Abandoned Factory Kills Two Youths

Two people — including an 11-year-old girl — were killed after youthful a joyride in a pair of forklifts through an abandoned manufacturing facility in Belgium turned into a horrifying nightmare. The incident occurred either Saturday, March 7, or  Sunday, March 8, at the former Infer Productions factory, located on the Guldendal canal in Mechelen, … Read more