How to Select the Best Corrugated Box for Your Shipping Needs

How to Select the Right Corrugated Box for Your Shipping NeedsCorrugated boxes represent the vast majority of the packaging industry in the United States, carrying between 90 and 95% of the nation’s manufactured goods to consumers. Approximately 25 billion corrugated boxes are produced annually, an average of 500 boxes for every family in the US.

Part of their popularity resides in their durability. Corrugated boxes are made from two or more sheets of liner board and one or more fluted sheets of corrugating medium. Nearly all the liner boards are made from kraft, which is a type of paperboard created from virgin softwood lumber. About two-thirds of the corrugating medium is made by through a semi-chemical pulping process of virgin hardwood fibers, with the remaining third made from plant waste and recycled medium, which is used corrugated boxes collected from supermarkets and shopping centers.

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Mobile Poly Strapping Machines Ensure Secure Shipments

Mobile Poly Strapping MachineIf your business ships bundled products such as newspapers, pipe, lumber, concrete block and other items, you may want to consider investing in a mobile poly strapping machine. Strapping, also known as bundling or banding, is the process of applying a strap around an item to hold it together tightly during transport. By restricting movement, products can be shipped more safely and with less product damage or loss.

Variable Speeds and Tensions

A mobile poly strapping machine utilizes a polypropylene strap that can automatically be applied to multiple packages — up to 15 per minute in some cases. The straps can be applied at adjustable tensions of 10 to 100 lbs.

The straps themselves are available in various lengths, thicknesses and polymer variations depending on your specific needs. They also can be embossed or imprinted with your company’s logo or branding.

Strapping can be done either horizontally or vertically. Edge protectors are sometimes used to help spread the load at the corners and reduce damage to the load by the tension of the strap.

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Packaging Tips For Wholesale Business Owners

One of the important concerns of business owners is on how to properly transfer their goods. There are many things that should be considered to be able to move the goods on a safely manner. The quality of the packaging counts most and the supplies that you are using. With the use of heavy duty … Read more

Shrink Film and Equipment in Keeping Materials Securely

Shrink film and equipment are used in keeping materials in a safe and secure location. It is often used in shipping to protect the products from any movement upon transport. It is not only used for delivery purposes but also for home use. Most people today realize the importance of shrink film and equipment in … Read more

Packaging Solutions:Polyester Strapping Materials & SuppliesSupplies

Packaging materials such as polyester strapping and other tools are used to protect and secure your product upon delivery. The most common and widely used by material handling companies are the polypropylene and steel. Material handling companies and other businesses that involves shipment and delivery of goods and supplies uses different types of strapping materials … Read more

The Right and Quality Poly Bags and Sealers for Protection of Your Products

The right poly bags and sealers can contribute a lot to your growing business. The main responsibility is in your hands preserving your own products. It is a requirement that sealing bags should be transparent in order to better promote your product. Customers wanted to see how the product looks especially on goods. Displaying it … Read more

Why Packaging and Labeling Important in the Delivery Process?

  Packaging and labeling is very important for the safety, timely and accurate delivery of the materials. It is for physical protection such as vibrations, mechanical movement, temperature, compressions and discharge. It also serves as a protection for dust, water vapor and oxygen. In fact some packages have oxygen absorbers. In proper packaging, materials are … Read more

The Ideal Packaging Solutions for Shipping Protection

Foam rolls for foam cushioning is the solution for better packaging protection of fragile and other materials that needs protection.  Foam rolls comes in different  types such as perforated, non-perforated,  pouches, pre-cut sheets, air  cushion and edge protectors. Foam cushioning is safe to use-Eco friendly, shock absorbing, resistant to moisture and light in weight. It … Read more

The Ever Evolving World of Stretch Wrap: Part 4 – WrapNet Soft Knitted Pallet Wrap, That’s Right Netted Wrap!

Sticking with the same problems and solutions as Part 3, WrapNet Soft Knitted Pallet Wrap is as equally a solution in most aspects.  Though there is almost no elasticity, WrapNet Soft Knitted Pallet Wrap will secure the palletized product via hand applied or machine applied.  For machine applications it can be treated in a similar setting … Read more