Mobile Poly Strapping Machines Ensure Secure Shipments

Mobile Poly Strapping MachineIf your business ships bundled products such as newspapers, pipe, lumber, concrete block and other items, you may want to consider investing in a mobile poly strapping machine. Strapping, also known as bundling or banding, is the process of applying a strap around an item to hold it together tightly during transport. By restricting movement, products can be shipped more safely and with less product damage or loss.

Variable Speeds and Tensions

A mobile poly strapping machine utilizes a polypropylene strap that can automatically be applied to multiple packages — up to 15 per minute in some cases. The straps can be applied at adjustable tensions of 10 to 100 lbs.

The straps themselves are available in various lengths, thicknesses and polymer variations depending on your specific needs. They also can be embossed or imprinted with your company’s logo or branding.

Strapping can be done either horizontally or vertically. Edge protectors are sometimes used to help spread the load at the corners and reduce damage to the load by the tension of the strap.

Plastic straps are then joined by melting the straps together by adding heat to the joint via a hot knife system: A hot knife moves between the straps, then a paten, or thin metal disk, comes up and compresses the straps and hot knife against an anvil for a very brief moment. The paten then drops and the knife is removed, the paten is returned and compresses the joint so that the melted portions of the strap mix and harden.

Vertical and Horizontal Strapping

Strapping machines, which are sometimes called bundlers, are often used for high volume applications such as preparing packaging for shipping. While most bundlers apply straps vertically, there also are horizontal versions available. In most cases, the seal can be placed at the bottom, top or side, depending on your specific needs.

Each machine has a dispenser which is used to dispense the strap. Dispensers can be either built-in or be a separate powered dispenser, which has the benefit of being able to automatically load or thread new coils.

Benefits of Mobility

Stationary strapping machines are often used with inline conveyer systems, such as on an assembly line. Mobile poly strapping machines, however, can be moved and used in any part of your warehouse or manufacturing facility where they are needed.

Bahrns offers mobile poly strapping machines and other packaging solutions — including strapping material, manual strappers and external strapping dispensers — to fit your company’s specific shipping needs.