Simplifying the Complex Job of Buying Warehouse Supplies – Part 1

To the untrained eye, a warehouse is a marvel of simplicity. Everything is stacked up neatly and ready to go. It’s only when you look more closely that you realize just how much complexity is involved in the warehouse supplies business. Even the most essential supplies, the pallet racks, require careful consideration.

There a many different types of pallet racks, each of which serves a different purpose. While all of them are basically of beam and upright construction, that’s about all they have in common.

Shelving & Racks
Warehouse supplies start with Shelving & Racks

The most common style of pallet rack is the Selective Rack. It is called this because it is made up of separate storage spaces, each of which houses just one pallet. In this way, the forklift operator does not have to pull down a stack of pallets every time he wants just one that doesn’t happen to be at the top of the stack.

Another common type of pallet rack that is used in situations where hard wearing racks are required uses hot-rolled channels on bolted structural pallet racks. These are indispensable in situations where there is a likelihood of heavy usage.

Other racks are designed to aid in stock rotation. The Pallet Flow Rack is powered by gravity and is perfect for those situations where you need to be sure that the goods at the end of the line always move smoothly forward to the front. This type of rack has tilted shelves with rollers, so that when the first pallet is removed, the one behind it takes its place.