Gloves in the workplace – An Essential Part of your Safety Supplies

safety work gloves
safety work gloves

Workplace safety is of vital concern for any business owner. One of the simplest, and most effective safety supplies you can have are gloves that are appropriate to the situation and task at hand.  Gloves are a very inexpensive form of safety equipment, yet they are essential for proper material handling and worker safety.

When working in a warehouse or other industrial setting, wearing gloves is an effective form of injury prevention and contamination. In these situations workers are often dealing with dirt and other contaminants, as well as heavy, and sometimes, sharp objects. Therefore, having safety gloves on hand is essential especially if an employee has an open cut or other injury to their hand. The safety glove can prevent infections and further injury, by keeping the hands well covered and protected.

One area where gloves play an especially vital role is when working around electrical equipment. Using the proper type of workplace gloves for the specific environment means that injuries and even possible fatalities can be avoided. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known as OSHA, has a number of regulations covering all kinds of scenarios and the types of gloves that are the minimum safety requirement.  For example, OSHA stipulates that whenever employees are working around energized circuits, or other such equipment, the use of insulating sleeves and gloves that are rubber-protective must be rated at the greatest nominal voltage level that the employee could possibly be exposed to. It also says that safety gloves must be worn ‘cradle-to-cradle’, whenever an employee is working out of an aerial platform.  There are also stipulations for working around transformers, as well as both overhead and underground electrical lines. The OSHA provides detailed information on these requirements.

The list of stipulations goes on, and shows just how important it is to include gloves in your safety supplies. Taking responsibility for worker and workplace safety falls to both employer and employee.  Specific guidelines should be outlined in company policies, and workers should be mandated to be fully familiar with those policies. It is in everyone’s best interest to reduce workplace injuries and fatalities, and the simplest piece of safety equipment you can have is proper workplace gloves. So whenever you are itemizing your safety supplies, make certain that workplace gloves are included, and that they are suitable to the jobs your employees will be performing. Whether they are used for material handling, operating industrial equipment, or working around electrical circuits, safety gloves are an essential part of a safe and healthy workplace.

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