Investing in a Loading Dock Shelter

Investing in a loading dock shelter is a great way to improve the environment for your workers, resulting in better and more efficient material handling and also to save you money in energy costs.

Dock Shelter by Vestil
Dock Shelter by Vestil

Having a loading dock that lets energy escape, means more heating costs in winter and higher air-conditioning costs in summer. By using a loading dock shelter you can control your energy costs, and keep your employees much happier and comfortable as they are performing their material handling activities. Many old loading dock doors allow air to escape, which means your employees can be freezing cold in winter and uncomfortably hot in summertime. This is an unpleasant situation and an expensive one for business owners paying the energy bills – especially with operations that run around the clock. You can take a look at your energy cost fluctuations throughout the year, and see where they match up to temperature spikes or drops. Each day a change occurs is an opportunity for cost savings which directly impacts your bottom line.

The way dock shelters work is that they seal exposed gaps in trailer door hinges, while still allowing full access to the loads in the trailers. They are also made of sturdy material that can withstand continuous impacts from trailers that are backed-up off-center, or too quickly. That is a common occurrence for any loading dock, so avoiding the costs of damage is another great benefit of having a dock shelter. It should be noted however, that they are not impervious to damage – caution still needs to be taken when backing semi-trailers up into one.  A big enough impact can destroy the dock shelter.

In this day and age, where companies are more focused on their bottom line than ever before, installing a dock shelter can save huge amounts of money in energy costs. In addition you gain the added benefit of the environmentally friendly nature of a dock shelter, as it regulates and stabilizes the temperature of your loading dock area.

Depending on the size of your loading dock facility, you could save thousands of dollars, or even tens of thousands of dollars each year in energy costs, simply by installing a loading dock shelter. This will also keep your employees more comfortable, and thus more productive, as they are performing their material handling tasks.  Think of it as a new piece of industrial equipment that can save you money and help your workers be more productive.

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