Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is a household fixture that is made specifically for outdoor use. It is also called as garden furniture or patio furniture. This type of furniture is mostly made with weather-proof materials which can stand direct sunlight, as well as rain and moisture exposure. Common materials that are used in making outdoor furniture are … Read more

Outdoor Furniture: Outdoor Benches

An outdoor bench is one of the most common outdoor furniture around. You can see these benches on parks, walkways, playgrounds, malls and residential spaces. Outdoor benches offer perfect mix of functionality and design. Outdoor benches are usually made with wrought iron, wood, aluminum and plastic. Wrought iron benches add classy feel and last longer. … Read more

Outdoor Furniture for Smokers: Ashtray, Butt Can, Pole and Receptacle

There are outdoor furniture that are made specially smokers; the smokers pole, ashtray, receptacle and butt can.  This type of outdoor furniture is designed with a chamber that has restricted air flow. That way, all cigarette butts that are dump into these fixtures are quickly extinguished. Outdoor furniture for smokers are usually made with galvanized … Read more

Outdoor Furniture: Picnic Tables

Picnic table is definitely the most popular outdoor furniture today. Picnic tables usually come with set of chairs and are made with wood, iron, steel, plastic, aluminum or combination. Picnic tables can be seen in almost every backyard or in restaurants that offer outdoor sitting. Most picnic tables are rectangular in shape, simply because this … Read more