Outdoor Furniture: Outdoor Benches

Outdoor Furniture
Today's outdoor benches are made with more durable materials such as molded plastic, galvanized steel and wrought iron with protective coating.

An outdoor bench is one of the most common outdoor furniture around. You can see these benches on parks, walkways, playgrounds, malls and residential spaces. Outdoor benches offer perfect mix of functionality and design.

Outdoor benches are usually made with wrought iron, wood, aluminum and plastic. Wrought iron benches add classy feel and last longer. However, this type of bench is pricier and may require additional cushion for a more comfortable sitting experience. Benches that are made with wood are also a good and cheaper choice. These wood benches have premium coating for extra protection from corrosion, rotting and infestation. Wood outdoor benches add traditional and more casual look.

Outdoor benches that are made with plastic and aluminum are your cheapest options. These benches offer the same durability and weather-proof quality that a wrought iron and wood benches can offer. These types of benches also offer stylish, modern designs.

Best selling other benches are manufactured by Petersen, Southern Aluminum and Prairie View Industries.