Outdoor Furniture for Smokers: Ashtray, Butt Can, Pole and Receptacle

Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor Ashtray is one of the most common outdoor furniture for smokers. These are usually designed with cover to prevent cigarette butts and ashes to be flown away.

There are outdoor furniture that are made specially smokers; the smokers pole, ashtray, receptacle and butt can.  This type of outdoor furniture is designed with a chamber that has restricted air flow. That way, all cigarette butts that are dump into these fixtures are quickly extinguished.

Outdoor furniture for smokers are usually made with galvanized steel or stainless steel and are designed with cover. This is to avoid unwanted accidents and to prevent cigarette ashes to be dispersed. Most of these fixtures haves sleek, space saving designs. Smoker poles and receptacles are free standing, have a dome like shape and weighted base. Butt cans and outdoor ashtrays on the other hand have simpler designs; they are usually rectangular and are wall mounted.

You can choose from a more traditional or modern design for your ashtrays, butt can, smokers pole and receptacle. Best selling outdoor furniture for smokers are manufactured by Rubbermaid, EX-CELL, JustRite and Butt Stop.