VESTIL Aluminum Cargo Bars Stabilize The Load.

Everyone at one time or another has been involved with moving of some sort. Some of us who have worked in the distribution industry can tell some stories regarding loading and unloading product. Myself, I used to work distribution for a music company for a few years. During those years we implemented new ways to assure that the products get to the destinations unharmed. We mostly moved pianos and keyboards. Using straps to secure them to the sides of the box truck helped, but the straps can loosen and rest assured, you always remember the sick sound of an upright piano or grand piano slamming to the floor on it’s back.
VESTIL Aluminum Cargo Bars
VESTIL Aluminum Cargo Bars is another great tool in the distribution industry.
Then the light bulb went off! We purchased a half dozen aluminum cargo bars to assist with load stability. Every time we would load a piano or multiples we would still strap them in. After they were secured with straps we made it common practice to clamp the aluminum cargo bars underneath the pianos that were strapped in while on dollies, to prevent possible tipping while in transit. We would clamp another aluminum cargo bar along the ends with a blanket to assure that the load had no where to go if the straps failed.
Although the training and the new moving procedures we mandated had some effect. It all boiled down to one statistic. Prior to purchasing aluminum cargo bars our mortality rate (pianos needing repaired or returned) was +35%. After we implemented the use of aluminum cargo bars our mortality rate was less than 2%!