Akro-Mils AkroBins: Don’t Let Your Inventory Fall Between The Cracks.

AKRO-MILS AkroBins will stop unwanted loss of inventory

How many times have you heard this blurted out during the year? Where’s all the parts inventory going? I know business has been good, but nothing like this! Annually or bi annualy it doesn’t matter. It means something is not right and needs to be fixed. Whether it’s the assembly line, parts center, or shop, it doesn’t matter. Loss of product means a loss of money, which comes right out of the profits. Either way you slice it, it’s a hit, and as a business owner or manager that’s never good news.

The smaller the part, the higher the chance of it slipping through the cracks. The folks at Akro-Mils have been producing solutions for those cracks for years. AkroBins is one of those solutions. Designed with a hopper opening specifically for easy access and equally securing the parts. For enhanced organization, AkroBins are made available in an assortment of colors and stack for space saving.