Safety and Forklift Attachments.

Hercules Maintenance and Work Platforms
Hercules Maintenance and Work Platforms is a safe way to get the job done.

When it comes to safety, there are forklift attachments and that a price tag cannot be put on. Yes, increasing productivity is a bonus, but an accident can grind productivity to a halt, so it is still a valid consideration. Among these safety attachments are things like seat belts, while others include lights, reverse beepers and other warning devices.

Is a forklift attachment that costs several thousand dollars worth the investment? That depends on a couple of things. If it is necessary for the job and will be used repeatedly, it probably is worth the investment. If it saves time and increases productivity, it is worth the investment, too. Weigh the initial cost against the the medium to long term savings in terms of labor and productivity.

There are some forklift attachments that come in a variety of sizes, load capacities and capabilities. You can buy an inexpensive telescoping hoist, for instance, that attaches to the forks. One of these may be all you need for your purposes. On the other hand, if you bought one of these and were not able to use it because it couldn’t handle the job, it would be a waste of money.

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  1. You can never be too safe when working with heavy equipment. Thank you for spreading the word!


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