Weighing Your Options with Forklift Attachments.

VESTIL Forklift-Mount Front Loader
The VESTIL Forklift-Mount Front Loader is a great Forlift Attachment for bulk materials.

Is it cheaper to let your workers do jobs manually than to buy forklift attachments that would free up their time for more productive tasks? Usually, the answer to this is “No.”
While it only may take a few minutes to empty a steel drum filled with offcuts, for instance, the job requires two workers and a pallet jack or handtruck. Aside from the time it takes to empty the drum, they are diverted from their primary duties and it takes time for them to get up to speed again.

Some forklift attachments are so cheap, they’re worth having on hand just for occasional use. The telescoping hoist mentioned in the previous blog post is an example of this. It is just a simple hoist, but because it is simple, it is also versatile. Various types of fasteners can be hooked onto it and moved. As long as it can handle the weight, it is perfectly safe.

The right way to do any job is to do it efficiently and to do it safely. This is also the cheapest way to get it done. Get the right forklift attachment and get the job done right.