Advantages of Using A Plastic Pallets For Space Saving Storage

  Plastic pallets are useful for as a space saving storage. Using of plastics has been a big issue that can cause environmental hazards and increase chemical waste in the society. We are encouraging the use of environmentally friendly products however the advantages of using plastic pallets cannot be denied. We can use and recycle … Read more

Pallet Accessories: Pallet Pullers

Pallet puller is a type of pallet accessories that is used to grasp the pallet and pull it to a certain place. This tool features a rugged steel construction, tight ripping jaws and scissor-like mechanism. It also features heavy-duty cable or chain which serves as the puller’s handle. Pallet pullers can be used to manually … Read more

Pallet Accessories: Pallet Protection

Since pallets give protection and support from the bottom of the packages; manufacturers come up with the pallet cover idea. Pallet covers are usually made garments and plastic sheets that are use to protect the pallets and the goods from moisture, dusts, humidity and other natural elements. These covers are available in different sizes and … Read more


Pallets are used in handling, storing and transporting materials for commercial enterprises. These structures are available in different sizes, colors and shapes. These are made with different materials like wood, plastic, foam, paper and metal. Orbis is known for manufacturing durable pallets that are made with structural foam and recycled plastic. Pallets from Orbis are … Read more

Pallets and Accessories

A pallet is a platform that is used to support and transport goods and heavy materials. It is sometimes refer to as skid. This structure is often used in commercial enterprises such as but not limited to warehouses, storage facilities, retail stores, factories and pharmaceuticals. Pallets are often lifted by forklift trucks, stackers, pallet jacks … Read more