Pallets and Accessories
Pallets are flat structures that are used to support and protect materials and goods. These are usually made with wood, plastic, foam, paper and steel.

Pallets are used in handling, storing and transporting materials for commercial enterprises. These structures are available in different sizes, colors and shapes. These are made with different materials like wood, plastic, foam, paper and metal.

Orbis is known for manufacturing durable pallets that are made with structural foam and recycled plastic. Pallets from Orbis are lightweight and are 100% recyclable. These pallets feature 4-way fork entry. Vestil on the other hand is known their space-saving pallets that are made with maintenance-free polyethylene plastic and galvanized steel. Vestil offer pallets with 2-way and 4-way fork entry.

Buckhorn offers pallets that are made with structural foam , which have ventilated deck and 5 rail design. Stratis offers heavy-duty pallets made with molded plastic reinforced with solid molded beams. Cabka on the other hand offer injection-molded plastic pallets which is insusceptible to fungi, insects and bacteria making it a pallet of choice for industries involved in shipping food products. Valley Craft have a wide selection of pallets made with injection-molded plastic which is water and chemical resistant. These pallets feature a rigid central support.

Besides the pallets made with foam and plastic, one can also find pallets made with conventional materials like hardwood such as maple, birch and oak. There are also conventional pallets with modern twist, such as the one made with pressed wood and corrugated cartoons from Protecta.