Pallet Jacks and Their Many Uses: Part 3

Both standard and powered types of jacks are often referred to as pallet trucks. The powered style trucks allow the operator to walk behind or in some cases stand on or sit in the pallet truck while he operates it. Battery powered, these jacks are designed to move at slow speeds of around 2 mph. … Read more

Pallet Jacks and Their Many Uses: Part 2

In spite of its simplicity of design, an inexpensive yet high quality manual pallet jack can lift a payload of up to 5500 lbs and still be moved by a single worker. Because of the leverage offered by the long handle, the pallet can easily be lifted off of the ground to carrying height with … Read more

Pallet Jacks and Their Many Uses: Part 1

Along with forklifts, pallet jacks are among the most indispensable pieces of materials handling equipment in the workplace. Virtually every type of business that requires the regular movement of large quantities and weights of goods has at least one basic manual pallet jack at its disposal. Larger warehouses, factories and other industrial workplaces often have … Read more