Pallet Jacks and Their Many Uses: Part 2

Manual Pallet Jack
An Adjustable Width Manual Pallet Jack is just one of many with special features available to assist in completing the job!

In spite of its simplicity of design, an inexpensive yet high quality manual pallet jack can lift a payload of up to 5500 lbs and still be moved by a single worker. Because of the leverage offered by the long handle, the pallet can easily be lifted off of the ground to carrying height with only 12 strokes. Once aloft, the manual pallet jack can be swung around 180 degrees at a time, making it possible to maneuver tight corners.

Even more sophisticated models can swing a full 220 degrees and feature one handed control. Newer models have all the raising, lowering and neutral controls on the handle, while still others have dual controls with an optional foot pump for lifting the manual pallet jacks. Some come with extra long and/or extra wide forks for even more strength and versatility.