Prevent the Blue Print Avalanche! Part 4 – Vertical Filing Systems.

Vertical Filing Systems is a great option available for storing multiple sets and come in an array of styles and sizes. Vertical filing systems store plans by hanging them by way of clamps attached to pivoting brackets that can be removed with the blue prints and laid out for review on your counter top or … Read more

Prevent the Blue Print Avalanche! Part 3 – Flat Files.

Keeping with floorspace concerns. There are other options available for your blue print storage needs. Flat Files systems which allows you the luxury of not having to roll the plans up. They store flat in the drawers, preventing the common ripping or wear from rolling and securing with a rubber band. Flat files systems also … Read more

Prevent the Blue Print Avalanche! Part 2 – Vertical Roll Files.

Do you have floor space available? If so, your plan storage options have expanded. Even a little floorspace will do wonders for keeping your prints in order. The role file system can also work with floor space, but let’s take a look at some of your other options. The aforementioned roll files counterpart is the … Read more

Prevent the Blue Print Avalanche! Part 1 – Steel Roll Files.

That set of plans you are needing to estimate from or review is on the shelf above your desk along with all the plans you have from past and potential projects. It may be in the middle of the pile, but you can shimmy it out like countless times before. Be careful! This time could … Read more