Prevent the Blue Print Avalanche! Part 1 – Steel Roll Files.

That set of plans you are needing to estimate from or review is on the shelf above your desk along with all the plans you have from past and potential projects. It may be in the middle of the pile, but you can shimmy it out like countless times before. Be careful! This time could see different results. It’s buried and don’t forget the novel of a set that’s right above it. You eyeball it, trying to figure out which plan could follow it down. Will it catch rubber bands wrapped around other plans or will you be able to perform the blue print equivalent of pulling the tablecloth out from under a table setting without the crashing mayhem that usually follows. You make your move. Pulling lightly at first, it appears to be free and clear. One quick, smooth yank and… AVALANCHE! Hopefully that last set of plans was not as thick as a novel when it fell on your melon.

Roll Files
Roll Files prevent the blue print avalanche!

I think it’s time to talk to your boss or take matters into your own hands and buy something that will prevent future blue print avalanches from occurring. Before you do so, look around your workspace. How much room do you really have?

If you only have shelf space available then Steel Roll Files systems are the way to go. Steel roll files can be stored horizontally on shelves or existing filing cabinets. Most varieties of roll files come with dust tight doors sparing you the famous dust cough when the time comes to review that awarded project you bid on eons ago. Steel roll files systems are easily accessible. Open up the steel roll files, take the set of plans out, review, and quickly place them back in. It’s as easy as… Well, you get the picture.