Prevent the Blue Print Avalanche! Part 3 – Flat Files.

Flat Files
Flat Files are another great way to safely store your plan sets.

Keeping with floorspace concerns. There are other options available for your blue print storage needs.

Flat Files systems which allows you the luxury of not having to roll the plans up. They store flat in the drawers, preventing the common ripping or wear from rolling and securing with a rubber band. Flat files systems also come with options such as open bases where you can store those all important project specification binders. The great thing about flat files systems is that upon removing a plan from one of it’s many drawers you can review the plan by placing it on the top of the flat file system.

Flat files systems have many options. In terms of storage, flat files systems can range anywhere from 5 of plans to 10 drawer applications. Some brands are stackable, up to 5 high with closed base models and 2 high with open based models. They are available in many sizes and colors.