Dock Levelers

Another essential industrial device used for bridging the gap between the dock and any vehicle is the Dock Leveler. Just like the dock plates, boards and ramps,┬ádock levelers also have flat surface with embossed patterns and are usually made with industrial grade galvanized steel. However, dock levelers are not portable; they are generally installed in … Read more

The Right Online Industrial Equipment Company – Part 4

Before you place your order, have a general look around the site and see what else they have to offer. A good equipment company will also sell warehouse supplies, accessories for their equipment and hundreds of other materials handling supplies and equipment such as warehouse and dock equipment or strapping and supplies. If you find … Read more

The Importance of Having The Right Dock Equipment

Dock boards are an important piece of dock equipment. They are the loading ramps that lay from the dock to the truck to help make loading and unloading a truck or a semi-trailer safe. Dock boards have weight capacities anywhere from six thousand to forty thousand pounds. Dock boards are made of a very heavy-duty … Read more