Hyster Puts on a Show for Customers In Germany

If you happened to be driving through the German countryside earlier this month and noticed a cargo container lift truck hoisting cargo containers high into the air, it wasn’t your imagination.

Hyster — the Greenville, North Carolina, manufacturer of forklifts and other heavy duty materials handling equipment — recently sponsored an exhibition of its products at a former air base located just outside of Dusseldorf, Germany.

The event, entitled Huster Hub Event, featured the company’s latest technologies and developments as well as live simulations demonstrating the brand’s expertise in a variety of sepcific applications.

More than 400 people attended the event, which was held in Weeze, a town not far from the German-Dutch border and close to Hyster’s plant in Nijmegen, where the company makes 7-ton capacity lift trucks and container handling vehicles, many of which were displayed during Hyster Hub Event.

Kate Pointeau, Hyster brand manager, said the exhibition gave the manufacturer the opportunity to show existing and potential customers exactly what its vehicles could do in real world applications.

“Live product demonstrations in simulated real-life applications were designed to demonstrate our in depth approach to understanding and responding to the specific handling challenges of major industries,” Pointeau told Materials Handling World Magazine. “At any point in the supply chain and in almost any operating environment, Hyster can offer lift trucks and solutions to precisely match the specific operating needs of the customer.”