Managing Designated Employee Smoking Areas

An increasing number of states and municipalities are limiting or banning indoor smoking. According to the Nonsmokers Rights Foundation, as of April of 2013, about 81.3% of all Americans live under a ban on smoking in “workplaces, and/or restaurants, and/or bars, by either a state, commonwealth of local law.” For owners of manufacturing and warehousing facilities, … Read more

Why Do Guys Love Pressure Washers?

There’s something about using a pressure washer to remove dirt and grime from driveways, decks, garage floors, driveways and other surfaces that is simply irresistible to most men. What is it about using an internal combustion engine to blast high-pressure water that is so appealing? The answer may lie in the primal appeal in the act of … Read more

Outdoor Canopies Can Improve Your Business’ Visibility

If you are looking for a fast, affordable and effective way to increase your business’ visibility, you might consider an outdoor canopy. During the warmer months, people are outside and on the go more often. So setting up an outdoor canopy either in front of your business or in another high-traffic location can be an … Read more

How to Select a Storage Shed

how to select a storage shedAs any homeowner can attest, outdoor gardening supplies and equipment tend to accumulate very quickly. It doesn’t take long for a garage intended for parking cars become overrun with hoses, sprinklers, lawn mowers, pool supplies, gardening soil and other items that take up lots of space. That’s why buying a pre-manufactured storage shed is an attractive option for so many people.

Storage sheds provide practicality because they can be used to store all kinds of outdoor supplies and equipment in an orderly and secure manner, freeing up valuable garage space for vehicles. They also can add aesthetic value to your backyard, especially with the wide varieties of sizes, texture and colors available today. Some storage sheds come with sidings that can match your home, your garage or other structures on your property.

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Benefits of Owning a Picnic Table

Nothing says summer has arrived like a traditional outdoor picnic. Whether you are cooking out in the backyard or providing your customers with a place to sit for a while, relax and enjoy the beautiful summer weather, picnic tables provide the perfect place to enjoy summer living. Types of Picnic Tables Picnic tables come in all … Read more

How to Setup Traffic Cones at Remote Locations

Do you have an upcoming job which will take place at a remote location? Will you be working on or near the street? There are certain guidelines you need to follow when working on or near the street. Depending on the location you may be required to contact the city or state government in advance … Read more

The Different Types of Bike Locks In Securing Your Bike

  Bike locks are very important to secure your bike. However, all bike locks can be broken by thieves. It is on the technique on how you use the locks to for maximum security. First, let us discuss the different bike locks available on the market. The most commonly used by bikers are called chain … Read more

Push Sweeper with High Sweeping Performance

A push sweeper is ideal for indoor and outdoor cleaning. It is ideal in shops, parks, parking areas, ramps, warehouses and shops. It can sweep ten times than using an ordinary broom and it can clean a large space in a limited time. It is easy to maneuver and fit for any door size. It … Read more

Canopies, Tents and Garages For Additional Storing Spaces

  Canopies and garages is an alternative choice for storing materials and tools. It comes in different designs and styles. Canopies and garages can be used as temporary shelters if you need more room in your living space or business. Most businesses that lack spaces for storage uses canopies and garages to keep their tools … Read more

Outdoor Message Centers Can Increase Employees Awareness

Outdoor message centers or message boards is important in a company in increasing employees awareness towards new procedures, schedules, programs and others. It is an advantage to have a message board outside your office for some new announcements for employees and workers to know. It saves time and effort telling everyone everything you wanted them … Read more