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Steel King Boltless Pallet Racks

Steel King upright frames for boltless pallet racks

When it’s time to add pallet racks for your business, you can turn to Bahrns for all your material handling needs. Steel King is a leading manufacturer of storage racking products, and its line of pallet racks offers something for the needs of every warehouse or distribution center.

A racking system is the basic building block of well-designed floor space, allowing storing and distributing goods to be carried out efficiently and successfully every business day. Utilizing all your available space is important, as is choosing pallet racks that are adaptable or easy to adjust.

Steel King offers products like their SK2000 selective pallet rack, which is a closed tubular upright rack that is boltless. With beams constructed of high-strength steel – tested to handle a minimum 55,000 p.s.i. – and designed with column face holes which reduce strength loss (compared to corner holes), SK2000 uprights are more resistant to twisting, as well as front and side impacts. Steel King Column Core reinforcement is available as an optional upgrade, making the rack five times more resistant to impact at the sides and front corners. The column reinforcement adds protection against lift truck damage and doesn’t affect picking or storing.

The SK2000 isn’t painted with enamel. Instead, the racks are powder coated, which means better protection against scratching and paint chipping. The boltless assembly of the Steel King selective rack system also means it takes less time to change as your storage needs change, such as adjusting beam height to rack large items. As months and years go by, and as your customers’ needs change, the right pallet rack can make a big difference in your storage and inventory control efficiency!

Pallet racks must provide your operations with strength and durability as well as adaptability, because that will improve the process of delivering goods, supplies or merchandise with a higher capacity for storage and more efficient picking. Steel King pallet racks are a smart choice if you want to improve the inventory, distribution and delivery aspects of your business.


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