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BAHRNS Blog Preview

March 2015 - Week 4

Here is a special sneak preview of some of the stories you will find this week on the Bahrns blog:

- Supply chain and material handling professionals who want to further their career with an advanced degree now have a new option that doesn't require them to spend hours in the classroom. We'll tell you what it is ...
- RFID tags are rice granule-sized transmitters that can be used to track items as they pass through the supply chain. We'll tell you how they work and what they could mean for your business ...
- A new cargo container terminal that is being built outside Toronto could take some of the pressure off the North American intermodal industry. And we'll tell you why it comes not a moment too soon ...

Plus, a Chicago area contractor banned for life from the construction industry, two new children's books about over the road truckers, and a new type of trucking cab that is specifically designed for women drivers. All this and much, much more can be found this week on the Bahrns Blog... so stay tuned!

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