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Famatec Gingo

The Famatec Gingo has four adjustable suction cups.

A Famatec ergonomic manipulator allows its operator to handle objects weighing hundreds of pounds with ease and safety. The manipulators – sold in the United States by Ohio-based Haeco – can be useful to many material handling operations, from pallet loading to plate glass installing to automotive assembly. Almost any object, whether smooth or rough, three-dimensional or flat, can be lifted and manipulated with a Famatec ergonomic manipulator.

Heavy loads are counterbalanced precisely by the Famatec manipulator, with end-of-arm tooling allowing almost effortless suspension, rotation, tilting or transferring of products. This can eliminate back strain, repetitive motion injuries and save businesses more by preventing back injuries – and worker’s compensation – than it costs to buy the manipulator, according to a press release available at .

With models featuring load capacities of up to 1100 pounds and a working radius of up to 20 feet, the Famatec ergonomic manipulators “adapt to the operator’s preferred working height and position, allowing loads to be smoothly and progressively positioned and placed during assembly, suspended for further processing, or simply transferred from one location to another,” according to the press release. Famatec also has an informative series of videos on its YouTube channel, which is online at .

The company’s offering of a wide variety of manipulator models means that almost any irregularly shaped product has a mounting option and vacuum lift, gripper or end-of-arm tool that corresponds to the job. Haeco will have a booth at the huge ProMat 2013 trade show in Chicago in two weeks, and according to the ProMat website, “on display will be two all pneumatic Famatec ergonomic manipulators with the following specifications: mandrel tool, 80 Kg. capacity, 3 Meter radius and 90 degree inclination as well as drum manipulator, 220 Kg. capacity, 3 Meter radius and 180 degree rotation.” You can check them out at Booth #2676.


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