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KI Table Dolly

KI Table Dolly

Last time, we considered the benefits of table dollies and how they make loading and unloading your folding tables a lot easier. It’s also important to remember the benefit of reducing or eliminating back injuries from your business, school or church!

KI makes table dollies that are durable, easy to operate and useful for almost any table moving situation. Being cautious and using a table dolly is a much better choice than taking a risk and possibly ending up injured!

How do you – or your employees – perform their moving and lifting tasks? Do they routinely observe safety rules and use best practices to prevent hurting themselves? Here are some safety tips for anyone using table dollies. (In fact, these could be adapted easily for any moving equipment or hand truck operation.)

1. Use proper lifting technique when putting the tables onto a dolly. Use your legs to lift while keeping your back straight.

2. If you’re moving different shapes or sizes of tables, consider taking more than one trip. But if necessary, place heavier tables lower / on the bottom, and lighter ones on top.

3. Try to position the tables to rest over the dolly’s axles. This lets the dolly carry the weight, putting less stress on the handles as you push.

4. Make sure the tables will not fall off, slip or shift when the dolly rolls. This could require the use of straps or other securing accessories.

5. Move slowly and move forward. Don’t go backward! If you’re going down a ramp or slope, make sure the loaded dolly is in front of you. If you’re going up, keep it behind you.

By keeping these simple safety tips in mind, your table dolly can be used with confidence as often as it’s needed. By purchasing a table dolly and then utilizing this information to avoid major incidents and injuries, you will ensure that moving tables around your facility isn’t a dangerous job!


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