Less Wear and Tear Thanks to Bishamon – Part 4: Lift2K Hydraulic Lift Tables.

Bishamon Lift2K Hydraulic Lift Tables are available in two platform sizes and offer options for bellows and portability while meeting all ANSI standards for lift tables. This equipment is ergonomic and an economical solution for any warehouse supplies or materials handling company looking to make an inexpensive upgrade. More lift for less money is a … Read more

Less Wear and Tear Thanks to Bishamon – Part 3: Scissor Lift Tables.

Bishamon Scissor Lift Tables eliminating much of the worker fatigue and injuries related to unproductive stretching and lifting. These lifts are designed to meet the toughest working conditions and safety standards around the world. Bishamon Scissor Lift Tables increases productivity and reduces worker strain in today’s tough industrial environments. Featuring a design specifically for performance and safety, … Read more

Less Wear and Tear Thanks to Bishamon – Part 2: EZ Loader Pallet Positioner.

Bishamon is producing equipment pinpointed at the source of the warehouse supplies and materials handling industry, the hard working employee, the men and women that keep the wheels turning.  The products speak for themselves. They do “…make your life easier”. There may be no better feeling like knowing you have put in a hard productive … Read more

Less Wear and Tear Thanks to Bishamon – Part 1: Ergonomic is Their Middle Name.

Bishamon’s vision statement says it all; “At Bishamon, We’re Working Harder to Make Your Life Easier”. Bishamon makes equipment that not only benefit the company who’s purchasing the product, but markets more so directly towards the employee operating the equipment. It’s an extremely clever tag, but when you look at their equipment you begin to … Read more

Part 2 – Materials Handling and the Chain of Supply

Bishamon Pallet Jack is essential to the Materials Handling industry. Murphy’s Law is no joke – if it’s possible for something to go wrong, it is bound to go wrong at some time or other. Those who know this also know the value of risk management. No matter how reliable your forklift has been in … Read more

Bishamon Pallet Jacks Makes Work Easier

Bishamon pallet jacks are known for their reliability, safety and flexibility. They are also one of the most affordable brands of pallet jacks on the market. Bahrns offers the cheapest Bishamon pallet jacks around and you can be sure that just because you are saving money, when you buy Bishamon you are buying quality. Bishamon … Read more