Bishamon Pallet Jacks Promotes Safety

Bishamon pallet jacks are some of the safest pallet jacks in the industry. Even though their safety features rank so high among business and consumers, it is important to practice safety and to fully understand all aspects of your Bishamon pallet jacks.

First, it is important to know what exactly a pallet jack is. A pallet jack is a small to mid-sized load handling device. A fork and hydraulic system lifts, lowers or keeps the device in a neutral position. Two steel forks are precisely moved under the load to be lifted and moved. The load is then lifted by the foot pedal which raises pressure. The operator can move the forks closer together or further apart to safely lift different sized loads without fear of it falling off. Two seven inch polyurethane wheels sit under the frame and a couple more sets of wheels are under the steel forks. Bishamon pallet jacks sold at Bahrns Equipment can lift up to 5,500 pounds in a single load.

Bishamon Pallet Jack
Bishamon Pallet Jack

Safety and proper procedures are vitally important when operating Bishamon pallet jacks, or any pallet jacks for that matter. If proper attention to the correct procedures isn’t paid, not only can the material being moved but the worker himself can be seriously injured. It is important that the operator takes the time to be fully trained in how to use the Bishamon pallet jacks. Bishamon designs their jacks to be incredibly simple, so this process shouldn’t take long.

The pallet jacks made by Bishamon are built with a safety loop handle and hand brake that make turning and maneuvering tight spaces easier than other pallet jacks. It is essential to evaluate a space before trying to maneuver a pallet jack through it. Take extra care to notice any objects that may pose a risk to the load, move any mobile obstacles and plan a route to avoid any immobile obstacles. This extra minute of checking may prevent major damage that can could occur if something were to fall on a load or if the load was to collide with anything that might be in the way. An overload bypass valve is included for extra safety measures.

Parts on Bishamon pallet jacks are known for their reliability and their extended life. However, a time will come when they need to be replaced. It is of the utmost importance to make sure that you use Bishamon parts on a Bishamon pallet jack. Other companies may offer lower prices on parts, however they are not designed precisely for a Bishamon pallet jacks as parts in the same manufacturing family are.

It does not take long to learn safety when operating Bishamon pallet jacks. Knowledge is power and the more operators know about the equipment, the lower the risk of accidents on the job. Of course, Bahrns Equipment is well versed in the operating methods that ensure the highest levels of security and safety.