Warehouse Supplies Safety Products – Part 2

Emergency Signs
Be sure to have your Emergency Signs up. You will need them at the most unexpected moments.

In spite of all efforts to prevent fires, the possibility of a fire must always be considered. No warehouse is complete without a number of easily accessible fire extinguishers placed strategically throughout the warehouse premises. Multi-purpose monoammonium phosphate fire extinguishers are the ideal solution to your needs, because one extinguisher will put out all three classes of fires.

Emergency lights are essential warehouse supplies. In an emergency, the power is often the first thing to go. Emergency lights are designed to go on when the power goes out. They alert staff and act as a guide to the exits. Because their heavy-duty batteries automatically recharge every 24 hours, they can be counted on to work when they are needed.

Exit signs, fire extinguisher signs and other emergency signage must be clearly visible even in poor light conditions. The ideal emergency sign will be a glow in the dark sign that remains clearly visible for up to 8 hours even in a completely darkened room. It will be self-activating and recharge itself without the need for an external power source.