Warehouse Supplies Safety Products – Part 1

Safety is of paramount importance in the warehouse. This is why, out of the thousands of warehouse supplies a company will

EAGLE's Verticle & Horizontal Drum Safety Cabinet
A great way to assist in protecting your business is EAGLE’s Verticle & Horizontal Drum Safety Cabinet.

have to sell, all of those that pose any potential safety risk have to comply with OSHA safety standards and many of their products will specifically be safety products.

It goes without saying that LPG gas cylinders can pose a safety hazard if not handled or stored properly. There are a number of gas cylinder products that comply with OSHA standards and should be considered essential warehouse supplies. For the safe storage of single gas cylinders, inexpensive stationary cylinders can be fastened to walls. For outdoor storage, large numbers of cylinders can be stored safely in wire mesh aluminum cylinder lockers.

Of course, in a large warehouse, your LPG gas cylinders will need to be moved frequently for a variety of reasons. Double welded forkliftable pallets are ideal for convenient and safe transport of gas cylinders. These pallets keep individual cylinders firmly in place, yet allow easy removal of single cylinders as they are needed. Depending on your needs, these orange enameled cylinder pallets come in several sizes to hold four, six or eight cylinders.