The Sidney Slide Custom Truck Bed Lift Gate Is Essential For Parts Delivery

A parts delivery business depends on speed, efficiency, and safe transport to be competitive. The Sidney Slide custom truck bed has a unique lift gate that makes parts delivery a breeze. It simultaneously allows for the maximization of load space, while reducing the physical labor required for deliveries. It is easy to operate and very safe.

The Sidney Slide
The Sidney Slide

The lift gate of the Sidney Slide custom truck bed has a unique design that provides incredible value to any parts delivery business. It has the dual features of a front fixed deck and a rear sliding deck. The custom truck deck has a unique design whereby it works in combination which lowers the sliding deck from a fixed transport all the way to the ground while keeping the load perfectly level the entire time. This is an essential feature to keep expensive parts from being damaged during the loading and unloading process. In addition there is also a helpful tilt feature on the lift gate that allows up to an incredible negative 15-degree angle for times when the truck needs to be parked on a sloped surface. Not only does this help to keep goods secure, it greatly reduces the possibility of operator injury in these situations. The Sidney Slide lift gate has also been engineered stronger so that it can even carry heavy goods in transit while raised.

The parts delivery industry requires operators to haul bulky, heavy goods, as well as awkward-shaped loads that can be difficult to manage manually. The Sidney Slide lift gate prevents common injuries, such as back and ankle injuries that can easily occur when operators attempt to move parts from the truck’s delivery deck to the ground. In particular the transport of auto parts can be especially problematic due to their bulkiness and weight. The unique design of this lift gate facilitates deliveries of all shapes, sizes, and weights. Workers compensation claims will go down dramatically through the application of this lift gate system.

The Sidney Slide custom truck bed lift gate offers convenience and ease-of-use and remarkably it requires no special training to operate. It also effectively enlarges the usable area of any flat bed truck. It does all this without needing additional labor or equipment for operation. Further, this lift gate system keeps products secured during transport, reducing the unfortunate cost of damaged goods. Your customers will be pleased with your efficient and effective parts delivery service and will return to you time and again because they know they can trust you to get the job done properly every time.

The Sidney Slide lift gate system comes with numerous standard features as well as an array of helpful optional features to suit any parts delivery business. Be sure to visit to learn more about this amazing custom truck bed and lift gate and how it can benefit your parts delivery business. It is a strong, reliable, and affordable option that will soon prove itself indispensable.