The Sidney Slide Custom Truck Bed Improves Your Business’s Bottom Line

The Sidney slide custom truck bed allows businesses to save time, labor, and hence money by making the routine transport of large, heavy goods safer and more efficient. It is a delivery deck enhancement for flatbed trucks that provides safety and stability at an affordable cost.

This is a just a sample of the numerous types of businesses that can benefit from investing in Sidney slide custom truck bed:

  • Automotive parts delivery
  • Highway or field service
  • Appliance businesses – sales and servicing
  • Farm tire service operations
  • Monument Sales businesses
  • Lumber yards
  • Landscaping and lawn care
  • Businesses that require the use of either small equipment or industrial machinery

The unique custom truck bed of the Sidney Slide requires less manpower to operate for your regular delivery schedule, because it has a hydraulic operation. Operators will no longer be required to lift heavy goods on and off the truck because it has a vertically sliding deck. This deck also has the benefit of maximizing load space, which allows you to deliver more goods more quickly, while being safe to operate. Workers compensation claims will be reduced dramatically at the same time as the bottom line is improved noticeably.

The Sidney Slide custom truck bed comes with the following helpful standard features:

  • Front cab protector
  • Hand-held wireless remote control for operation of the sliding deck
  • Retractable rear tail light
  • Front fixed deck that has a 10,000 pound rating
  • A rear sliding deck that has a 6000 pound rating
  • The rear sliding deck allows for the zero degree loading and unloading angle
  • The rear sliding deck also has negative 15 degree tilting feature to compensate for sloped surfaces
  • Outer tie down rub rail to secure loads
  • An overhead full body length rack that allows for the secure transportation of larger items such as auto and truck frames
  • Live PTO driven hydraulic system that includes an “Add on” spool valve option

The value of these standard features that come with every Sidney Slide custom truck bed makes investing in it a no-brainer. In addition, this custom truck bed also comes with a variety of optional features to suit all your business needs.

The Sidney Slide
The Sidney Slide

The immediate benefits of the Sidney Slide custom truck bed to any parts delivery service business are that it improves efficiency and safety by eliminating the need for operators to manually lift, pull, or drag heavy products. The custom truck bed automates this work, which allows deliveries to be made faster, and avoid expensive damage during transport, which can thus improve customer satisfaction. The load capacity of this custom truck bed also maximizes delivery capabilities, so you get more value every time your trucks leave the bay.

Visit today to learn more about how this custom truck bed can start benefiting your parts delivery business immediately. Compared to the incredible value inherent in Sidney Slide, its cost is very affordable. No parts delivery business should be without one.