Sidney Slide Custom Truck Bed

Custom Truck Beds


There are some things that will simply make your parts delivery easier, and the Sidney Slide custom truck beds were designed to optimize the parts delivery process. These innovative custom truck beds are the only custom truck beds in the industry to offer a zero degree sliding parts delivery deck. This deck maximizes load space while reducing physical labor, ideal for both the employee and the business owner trying to increase efficiency in parts delivery. Bahrns Equipment fully endorses Sidney Slide custom truck beds and our technicians are more than willing to pass their experience on to you, our loyal customer.

Sidney Slide custom truck beds are proven to be safer and more efficient than other custom truck beds available. The easy-to-use operator controls make learning how to fully utilize the custom truck beds a quick and simple process. No special training is required to use these custom truck beds, the hydraulic operation system is that simple! Business taking advantages of the perks of Sidney Slide custom truck beds immediately see a decrease in damage claims and an increase in load capacity, a perfect combination!


What benefits can you look forward to with custom truck beds manufactured by Sidney Slide and sold at Bahrns Equipment?


With all these benefits, you'll be wondering why you haven't purchased Sidney Slide custom truck beds sooner. Bahrns Equipment and our fully trained staff will be here when you want to purchase more and more of these custom truck beds to truly help your parts delivery reach its full potential.

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