Orbis Introduces Lighter, More Stackable Pallet Product Line

Orbis — the Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, based maker of plastic racks, pallets and other materials handling supplies — has introduced a new line of plastic pallets that are both lightweight and easier to stack. The 48X48 Stack’R pallet was engineered for use in the food and beverage, consumer goods, agricultural and pharmaceutical industries.

“Due top its versatile design, it can be used in both stacking and lightweight tracking applications,” according to a company news release. Given its lightweight design, it can be used for both lightweight racking and stacking applications.

Made from either polypropylene or polyethylene plastic, the Stack’R is highly versatile and tough enough to be used in harsh environments and extreme temperature variants. It comes in either an open or solid deck. The open design makes it easy to wash, which is important for food and agricultural applications, while the solid deck is convenient for users that don’t have pallet washers.

Unlike wood pallets, the Stack’R’s hard, non-porous plastic construction keeps loads from being damaged by nails, rust or splinters. It also is moisture and odor resistant and has a longer usable life than wood pallets, giving lower per trip costs. And at 540 pieces, it has a higher truckload quantity.

The Stack’R has four-way hand and fork truck entry and includes hand holds for easy lifting. The open deck version also can be ordered with optional FDA approved fire retardant. X-ray detectable or metal detectable materials also are available.

The new pallets are 100% recyclable and weigh between 42.0 and 48.1 pounds, depending on the model.