Investing in Lift Tables Can Save You Money in the Long Run

Photo courtesy of Southworth Products Corp.
Photo courtesy of Southworth Products Corp.

Quick: What is the average height of all the employees in your workplace? In the US, the average height for men is 5 foot 10 inches. For women, the average height is 5 feet 4 inches.

But that’s the national average. Most of your worker are going to be either taller or shorter than that. So if you provide work tables or surfaces designed to be used by people who are one particular height, they are going to be either too tall or too short for most of your work staff.

Having equipment that isn’t the right height for the workers who use it can lead to increased workplace injuries. Whenever people have to bend down or reach up to perform tasks, it puts strain on their backs, necks, arms, shoulders, and other parts of their body. Over time, this can lead to a wide variety of injuries, all of which will cost your business money in terms of workmen’s compensation claims, lost productivity, and down time.

Lift Tables to the Rescue

Lift tables allow workers to raise or lower their work surfaces so that they are at a comfortable height. Regardless of how tall or short a particular employee is, work tables can easily be adjusted for maximum comfort and productivity.

Work tables aren’t cheap. They can even run into the thousands of dollars, especially for a high-quality work table that is going to provide years of service. But in the long run they can pay for themselves many times over in the form of savings from future injury-related expenses your business won’t have to pay out.

A single workmen’s comp case can cost a business thousands of dollars. A lawsuit can cost even more. But a work table offers a sensible solution that enhances employee comfort, reduces the risk of injury, and even boosts your business’s productivity and profits.

Lift and Spin Tables

For an even more efficient work surface, consider lift tables that come equipped with a turntable that allows workers to spin whatever they are working on toward them whenever they want.

This reduces worker movement by preventing them from having to walk around the work table in order to access various parts of whatever they are working on. Both lift tables and pallet loaders are easy to use, spring-operated, and strong enough to handle even the heaviest loads.

Successful businesses look to the future. Now you can save time, money, and potential employee injuries in the future by investing now in the durable, safe, and efficient lift tables from