Promote a Healthier Work Environment Through Cleaner Lift Trucks

Toyota Lift Truck in Action
Toyota Lift Truck

Your warehouse, distribution center, or loading dock can be made a more environmentally friendly area through the use of clean operating industrial equipment for material handling. In today’s world, people are more cognizant than ever of harmful emissions and other environmental contaminants in their lives. By switching to lift trucks that are ‘green-friendly’ you can improve worker productivity, lower your operating costs, and give your company’s image a boost. All of this directly, and positively, impacts your bottom line.

As greener technology has improved and become more readily available, and as consumers have demanded it, there has been a shift in the market for lift trucks that provide green options. The way this demand has been answered is through electric options. In 2007, over half of all the lift trucks sold were electric. This has resulted in fewer harmful emissions, which include carbon monoxide that can have serious health consequences if it builds up. Many forklifts are used in warehouse spaces that are enclosed, so avoiding this toxic build up can improve the workplace dramatically. In addition, the newer electric powered forklift is quieter and smaller, and can maneuver around small, narrow spaces much more easily.

Toyota’s AC Material Handling new models are examples of environmentally friendly lift trucks. These new forklift designs provide high performance levels in speed, lift power, acceleration and ability for ramp driving.

Even though electric powered lift trucks have zero emissions, there are still environmental concerns that must be addressed. This relates to the disposal of their batteries, which are manufactured with lead-acid. It is essential to follow proper guidelines in this regard.

When switching to newer, or more environmentally friendly, forklifts for your material handling, you will need to adjust your work processes accordingly to compensate for the re-charging of the batteries. If your operations require more than one lift truck and/or you run multiple shifts, it would be worth your while to invest in additional rechargeable forklift batteries. That way a battery can be recharging, with no downtime to your operations. There are also battery optimizing systems that can be put in place to track battery life, recharging schedules, use, etc.

So you might want to consider replacing your old lift truck with a newer, more environmentally friendly forklift. This useful piece of industrial equipment will make for a healthier workplace, a better company image and can reduce your operating costs down the road. A more productive, efficient and healthy workplace will give your bottom line a boost.

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