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Buckhorn Collapsible 60-Gallon Drum

The new drum by Buckhorn is recyclable and improves volume efficiency.

Buckhorn has recently announced that it will offer a newly designed collapsible 60-gallon drum. The innovative drums are rectangular, allowing four of them to be combined as a 48” x 40” x 40” cube for pallet loading. (Individually they are 24” x 20” x 40”.) The new drum is a special design – patent pending – that could prove very popular among food, powder and liquid handlers.

Buckhorn is one of the most popular brands of material handling systems in the United States. As part of Myers Industries, Inc., since 1987, Buckhorn supplies reusable plastic packaging like transport tubs and collapsible bulk containers. Buckhorn products allow customers in distribution, food and manufacturing industries to reduce costs and improve performance.

The drums feature smooth sidewalls inside and outside, making them easy to clean, and they are recyclable, which is a huge plus for companies interested in environmental responsibility.

In a press release via the Buckhorn website at, the company notes that the drums offer “25% better cube utilization and volume efficiency.” This is in comparison to typical 55-gallon drums and takes into consideration the footprint of the new product as well as capacity. “The volume of product that can be shipped in four Buckhorn drums would require five 55-gallon drums,” states the press release.

Director of Sales and Marketing Rob Tieman points out that the market demands reusability and sustainability from storage containers purchased. “Our research has shown customers are demanding a collapsible alternative to the steel, fiber and plastic drums currently in their systems – one that will offer a better return ratio, more warehouse space and increased profitability,” he said.

The new collapsible 60-gallon drum features offset surfaces and interlocking flanges so that the joints are sealed without cracks. It can stack five pallet loads high and works well with Buckhorn’s Universal Pallet product or ordinary wood pallets. Made of three components – base, sidewalls and lid – the Buckhorn 60-gallon drum is hinged in the center to fold inward and convert to a flat piece in mere seconds.


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