5 Ways to Minimize Theft Losses Right Now

package deliveryOne of the unintended side effects of today’s booming economic conditions is that business theft is on the rise. Because so many businesses are so busy filling orders and keeping up with customer requests, it’s easier for thieves to slip in, take a product, and slip out without being noticed.

Even if your business is setting record sales figures, it’s never a good idea to have your losses too high. Not only do these losses come right off the bottom line, but they also reflect poorly on your business’s reputation. And if thieves in your town realize your company is an easy mark, it’s only going to get worse.

Protecting your property and products is essential to the success of your business. Here are five fast and easy ways you can get started right now.

1. Nurture a Culture of Security

If you and your upper management don’t seem to care about security, it’s going to be impossible for your line levels works to do so, either. Leadership needs to prioritize security, including mandatory training, pre-employment screening, and encouraging all employees to watch for and report suspicious incidents.

2. Expand the Use of Technology

Tracking technology today is cheap and widely used. There’s no excuse not to use GPS or other tracking devices that allow your shipments to be monitored in real time. Most systems will give you instant warning alerts whenever anything goes off track.

3. Secure Your Property

Security equipment like surveillance cameras, fences, motion detectors, and other technology not only helps make your property more secure but also acts as a deterrent to potential thieves. If criminals see that you have invested in security equipment and your competitors haven’t, they are more likely to move on to another victim.

4. Have Drivers Pay Close Attention

The most likely time for a theft to occur from a truck is when it is unattended. Have drivers lock trucks whenever they leave their vehicle. Or better yet, use two drivers to ensure the truck is never left unguarded.

5. The 200-Mile Rule

Another common tactic for thieves is to follow a truck as it leaves a business, then steal from it the first time the driver stops and leaves it unattended. If practical, require your drivers to travel at least 200 miles before stopping their truck unless it is an emergency. Few thieves are willing to put in that kind of mileage and will likely look for another victim.

Protecting your business in boom times is just as important as it is when business is slow. Use these quick and easy techniques to improve your security and reduce your losses due to theft.

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