Getting Your Raise: Ladders Are Far From Basic – Part 1

Ladders are more complex than the average Joe might think.

Finding the right ladder for a specific job is a little more complex than the average Joe might think. There are different ladders for different environments and tasks. Some questions you’ll need to answer prior to using a ladder include how far up do you have to go? Contrary to popular belief you should never use the third rung from the top of an extension ladder or the first step below the top cap of a step ladder.
To figure out which ladder will be needed you must first be aware of your work surroundings such as physical requirements and hazards is a must prior to choosing the ladder for the task at hand. This is extremely important to your well being seeing as over 175,000 people are injured and almost 300 people are killed each year due to accidents with ladders. In the next few blogs we will cover some keys to assist you with choosing the right ladder for your tasks.