Replacing The Blades Of Your Toro Lawn Mower

One common chore of homeowners is to mow the lawn. The key component of any lawn mower and the health of your lawn is the cut from the mower blades. It is essential that the blade be in good condition to cut the lawn properly so that it looks lush.

First time lawnmower owners probably wonder when it’s best to replace a used blade. There are a number of considerations. All of them require you to check the condition of the blade.

Generally speaking, a Toro lawnmower blade should be replaced:

• If the mower has been owned more than three years.
• If the blade is bent or damaged.
• If the blade’s condition is bad
• If the blade remains dull after it’s been sharpened.
• If the lawnmower is cutting grass unevenly
• If the grass is torn during mowing rather than cut.

Replace Blade After A Few Years Of Owning Your Toro Lawnmower

Toro Mower Hi-Lift Blade
Toro Mower Hi-Lift Blade. Bahrns Equipment photo.

A rule of thumb is if the blade on your Toro mower remains in good cutting condition for a few years since you replaced it or since you purchased the mower, then it is time to exchange the blade for a new one. Keep in mind that this depends on how often you use the mower. If your front and back yards are large and you cut the grass often, you may have to replace the blade once a year rather than once every three years. However, if your lawn is on the small side, you don’t mow too frequently, and the blade remains in good condition, the blade can be used for more than a year.

The Blade Is Bent Or Damaged

Your lawn could have debris on it that can damage the blade during mowing. Rocks, for example, exposed tree roots and other kinds of debris can do enough damage so that the blade won’t cut the grass properly. A bent blade is off-balance and could be a safety issue if you continue to mow. Replacing a damaged blade quickly can save you money and ensure that the cutting of the grass does not occur with complications.

The Condition Of The Blade

It’s a good idea to check the condition of the blade before you mow. Check for dents or chips to the blade as well as corrosion. If you mow while the grass is wet, then the moisture could cause the corrosion. Chips or dents can occur when the blade strikes a fairly hard object.

The Blade Is Dull After Sharpening

If your lawn doesn’t look right after mowing, then it is possible that the blade of the mower is dull, even after sharpening. A dull blade could be responsible for an unhealthy lawn because it rips out the grass rather than cuts it. Continuously trying to sharpen a dull blade can weaken it and could ultimately damage it. It is proper to sharpen the blade when necessary, but don’t over do it. It could result in a dull blade.

The Lawnmower Is Cutting The Grass Unevenly

Inspect your lawn after you mow it. If the grass looks uneven, then the blade is dull or damaged. Commonly, when the blade is in good condition, it cuts grass to a similar height. However, when the blade is damaged or dull, then you may have to mow the same area over and over again to get the results you desire.

The Grass Is Torn

Inspect your lawn after mowing to determine if the tips of the grass blade is cut or torn away. If the grass blade is torn away, then the blade is damaged. If this occurs, replace the blade immediately. Continuing to mow the grass with a damaged blade can cause harm to the grass and inhibit its growth.

Common Errors When Replacing The Blade

Kubota Mower Hi Light Blade
Kubota Mower Hi Light Blade. Bahrns Equipment photo.

People who are unsure on how to replace a mower blade can perform a few errors that could affect the ability of the blade to properly cut the grass. For example, many novices don’t replace the blade in the same direction as the blade that’s replaced. Some have also been known to replace a blade too soon. In addition, if you’re not sure about what you’re doing, you can replace a blade wrong.

Replacing The Blade Of A Toro Lawnmower

Tools required for the task:

• Socket or torque wrench
• Safety gloves
• Blade lock tool or block of wood
• New Toro lawnmower blade

Replacing a lawnmower blade takes about 9 steps.

1. Disconnect the spark plug of the mower.
2. Tip the mower to its side so the carburetor and air filter are facing up.
3. Place the piece of wood between the blade and the deck of the mower. This will prevent the blade from moving.
4. Use the socket or torque wrench to remove the bolt holding the blade in place.
5. Take note how the blade is positioned before removing it.
6. Remove the bolt, blade adapter, and blade.
7. Place the new blade into the blade adapter bracket and re-place the blade bolt.
8. Attach the blade back onto the mower in the same direction as the blade that was removed and block it with the wood piece.
9. Tighten the blade bolt with the socket or torque wrench.

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