Roll Bar Lights for Your Mower or Tractor

Today, roll bars are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can be installed on a variety of vehicles, including trucks, mowers, tractors, all-terrain vehicles, and jeeps. Their primary function is to shield the driver and passengers from injury in the event that the vehicle flips over or collides with something.

Roll bars are produced to the material size and thickness specifications of the NHRA, IHRA, and the majority of significant road races, SCCA, and off-road organizations. They’re sturdy and constructed of thick steel. They must be installed using the guidelines established by the regulatory organizations. They are designed to blend in seamlessly with your current design.

In contrast to the more typical rounded roll bars of some Jeeps, trucks, or all-terrain vehicles, rollbars on mowers and tractors are known as ROPS, or Roll Over Protection Systems, and usually have a square edge.

roll bars

Reasons to add roll bar lights

Rollbar lights are a popular addition to mowers, tractors and ATVs. A roll bar or cage with lighting adds an additional layer of comfort and security. You can continue mowing after dusk if your mower has them. Having these extra lights to brighten the area makes it safer. Although roll bar lights illuminate a considerably larger area, headlights only illuminate the space in front of you.

These add-ons are also available for tractors and lawnmowers. They provide the same level of security. Your mower might tip over if you’re mowing on a hillside, for instance. You would be shielded from injury by a roll bar. It will be simple to see what damage may have resulted from the accident if the roll bar has lights.

Many mowers, tractors, and ATVs are sold with roll bar lights. However, if your roll bars didn’t arrive with lights installed, this issue is simple to resolve.

How to Install Roll Bar Light Kits

A roll bar light kit can be bought separately and installed quickly. The lights are enclosed in an excellent light bar kit, which tucks them inside the aluminum roll bar brackets. They will add one or more inches to the roll bar’s overall height. Make sure the roll bar light kit you choose will fit correctly. It might be preferable to speak with the maker of your machine about this.

The website has a large selection of tractors, lawnmowers, and other gardening tools. Their roll bar light kits are simple to install and will fit a variety of cars and machines. They include:

  • 2 mounting brackets
  • 12″ light bar
  • 5000 lumen 30w light
  • Combination flood/spotlight pattern

When there are poor lighting circumstances, LED lights provide great performance, eliminate glare, and improve definition. Driving safety is ensured by doing this. The majority of light bars are rustproof and dustproof, so they can resist challenging settings. They are also built to withstand shock, as well as resist moisture and leaks.

There are three sizes of the roll bar light kits shown below. The mounting bracket and screws needed for installation are included. Performing this simple modification will make using your tractor or lawnmower much safer. These convenient sizes are available:

1.5″ x 3″ Roll Bar Light Kit

2″ x 2″ Roll Bar Light Kit

2″ x 3″ Roll Bar Light Kit

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