3 Types of Safety Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

Safety ProductsWhen it comes to workplace safety, there’s practically no such thing as too much safety equipment. Anything you can add to your workplace that will reduce the risk of injury to workers or damage to property or products is at least worth considering.

Personal protective equipment is one of the most popular options for improving workplace safety and reducing risks. Things like protective goggles, noise-reducing headphones, anti-fall harnesses, and even steel-toed boots can make workers safer as they go about their jobs.

But environmental safety equipment should also be considered. Rather than things workers can wear to be safer, environmental safety equipment includes things you can add to your workplace to prevent accidents and reduce risks. Here are five examples.

Safety Products — Self-Closing Faucets

Equipment that controls or limits the flow of materials, such as self-closing faucets, create an added level of safety that can save lives while protecting property, equipment, and products.  As the name implies, self-closing faucets will shut themselves off unless they are physically held open by hand.

This is useful when working with potentially harmful drum liquids, such as caustic substances, fuel, liquids that are high in acidity, and other dangerous materials. Self-closing faucets offer more control over the flow of such substances, improving the safety of workers and the workplace.

Safety Products — Plunger Cans

In many workplaces, spills are a common occurrence. Runoff from manufacturing processes, cleaning of materials or products, and even routine maintenance can require workers to wet a sponge or towel and wipe up spills almost constantly. In environments like these, plunger cans can be a godsend.

Plunger cans contain a cleaning liquid, such as water or a mild astringent. On top, they feature a pan attached to a spring and plunger. All the worker has to do is place their rag on the pan and push down and the plunger can will automatically moisten it for easy and quick cleanup. Whatever remaining liquid is in the pan will simply drain back into the can for next time.

Safety Products — Safety Cabinets

Oftentimes, where potentially dangerous materials are stored is just as important as how they are handled. Safety cabinets are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to store everything from gas cans to propane tanks to high explosives, depending on your needs.

Safety cabinets let you store materials safely and securely out of the way, reducing the risk of rupture or accidental spills.

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