Making The Break Room Comfortable For Employees

Table & Chairs for Break Room
Table & Chairs for Break Room

If you own or manage a warehouse environment we get it: you don’t want to make the break room too comfortable so that employees are wasting time in the break room and not spending time where they need to be — in the warehouse. Still, it doesn’t mean you should deprive your employees of a basic right they get when they clock-in every morning: the right to have a place to unwind during a break or lunch.

Unfortunately too many break rooms are after thoughts. They’re either too small, too large, outdated with old furniture, lack enough seats for its employees, etc, etc. These types of defects do not go unnoticed by your employees and the situation is especially embarrassing when you have the need to call a meeting or something of that nature yet find your office furniture depleted. Do not let the same mistake which befalls many blue collar mangers befall you. Just because its office products doesn’t mean it is strictly reserved for an office setting.

Blue-collar and warehouse type jobs also need a break room and from time to time you’ll have a meeting, even if the circumstance is very rare. You should reward your hard working employees with comfortable chairs and tables where they can set down their items and enjoy a nice lunch. In actuality, anything else you decide to put into your break room is an extra (though a refrigerator and microwave is considered a must), but having comfortable chairs and tables to accommodate your workforce is vital.

Conference Room Chairs

You’ll spend more on conference room chairs compared to folding/stacking chairs yet this is where the bulk of your money should be dedicated to regarding the break room. Keep in mind that with certain types of jobs your employees are on their feet 7+ hours in a day. When they do get a break, they likely do not want to stand and the more comfortable chair you can provide the more satisfied your employees will be and, ultimately, want to work harder for you when it’s time to get off break again.

Folding & Stacking Chairs

If you’re tight on space or fortunate enough to have a separate room which can be designated as your ‘meeting room’ then folding chairs and stacking chairs are appropriate for the situation. Like the name implies, they will fold or stack up when not in use in order to provide more space if the room does serve more than one function.

Conference Room Tables

Depending on the size of your operation, you need at least one conference room table for the break room and potentially more depending on the number of staff. If you have meetings it’s not a bad idea to consider conference room tables for that room as well. Regardless, make sure that your employees have a place to enjoy their snack or lunch on.

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